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Tpms Manager
TPMS Manager includes all the information a tire show will need to be great at TPMS.
  • System/Part Identifications
  • Parts Interchange
  • Service Kit Requirements
  • relearn Procedures
  • Scan Tool Requirements
  • Troubleshooting
  • Support
TPMS SPEED is a lite alternative to our standard edition. Providing quick OE and Aftermarket TPMS part data along with pre and post service TPMS instructions formatted on a one page printable form to maximize time.
  • Quick Search
  • Single Page Search Results
  • Printable

Company Overview

TPMS MANAGER evolved from the challenges faced by the Tire Retailer not only today, but in the years ahead. Namely, servicing TPMS equipped vehicles; properly, timely and profitably. The product is developed by Tiremetrix, LCC formed in late 2010.

Our company has a strong core competency in TPMS and has used leading edge software development, combined with practical simplicity to develop TPMS MANAGER. We know TPMS is hard, very hard in fact, but we want our users to find it’s easy! We want them to be great at TPMS. That’s our goal.

Key Staff Members:

Joe Donehue – President and Founder

Joe Donehue has long been regarded as one of the leading TPMS experts in the country. Following an 18 year career with Belle Tire Distributors, Inc. (a Modern Tire Dealer Top 10), Joe set off to pursue his passion…TPMS. Joe recognized there was a huge void in the kind of information a tire company would need to effectively service TPMS. As the parts proliferation grew, and the TPMS systems became more complex, the gap of service information widened. A tire shop today must understand not only the OEM systems, but also the aftermarket products, including programmable and universal types of TPMS.

With his broad knowledge and industry connections, Joe established Tiremetrix, LLC with one goal in mind; to create a world class TPMS management software system that could be afforded by the little guys and appreciated by the biggest.

Bottom line- We know TPMS! Our understanding of the needs of the tire retailer has led to the development of this comprehensive category manager. You take care of your business, we’ll take care of managing TPMS!

Duane Houck - Director of Information Technology

Duane brings over 30 years of experience in delivering technology solutions to business problems. He has led several IT departments and projects-- bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to Tiremetrix.

Duane is responsible for providing the best online experience for TPMS Manager customers as well as delivering custom integrations for our enterprise customers, affiliates, and partners.

Steve Richardson- Sales and Training Manager

Steve brings over 26 years of experience, having worked at every level of Tire Service and Auto Repair. From passenger and light truck tires to commercial and OTR, Steve has worked in the lines, at the counter, managed stores and ran companies in this industry.

Being ASE certified and a Tire Industry Association Certified Instructor, Steve brings a vast knowledge of tires and TPMS.