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Tpms Manager
TPMS Manager includes all the information a tire show will need to be great at TPMS.
  • System/Part Identifications
  • Parts Interchange
  • Service Kit Requirements
  • relearn Procedures
  • Scan Tool Requirements
  • Troubleshooting
  • Support
TPMS SPEED is a lite alternative to our standard edition. Providing quick OE and Aftermarket TPMS part data along with pre and post service TPMS instructions formatted on a one page printable form to maximize time.
  • Quick Search
  • Single Page Search Results
  • Printable

TPMS Manger is the Tire Industry’s leading resource

Over 1000 tire dealers in North America count on TPMS Manger to provide the latest TPMS relearn, parts interchange, troubleshooting and TPMS systems information. Here’s what some dealers are saying about TPMS Manager:


“We use TPMS Manager like our Bible. It keeps us out of trouble on a daily basis.”

  • Leslie Stevenson
  • Camden Tire, Camden, SC

“TPMS Manager has solved every TPMS issue we’ve had, we would not be profitable in this category without it. There is nothing else like it out there.”

  • Rick – Belton Body Shop
  • Belton, MO

“I Wish we had TPMS Manager a long time ago. The content and information is the best!”

  • Tim
  • Inlign Auto, Longwood, FL

“I love how quick and easy I can get relearn procedures.”

  • Danny
  • Skid Mark’s Tires – Baton Rouge, LA

“A great source for TPMS Information.”

  • Joe
  • Shelby’s Wheel & Tire – Paducah, KY

“It’s our go-to for (TPMS) problem situations.”

  • Frank
  • Prime Auto, Forest Lake, MN.

“TPMS Manager gives me all the information I need right when I’m speaking with the customer! It’s Nifty."

  • Chuck
  • St. Mary’s Tire, WV.

“TPMS Manager works every time I need it!"

  • Jason
  • Central Missouri Tire, MO

“TPMS Manager is great! It gives me ALL the information I need to take care of my customers."

  • Rick
  • Koehler Tire, IN

“TPMS Manager is an easy to use solution for managing the complexities of TPMS service in our stores. Tiremetrix has done a great job in developing a cost effective SaaS product that we rely on to get the information we need to service our customers. Servicing TPMS equipped vehicles quickly, safely and profitably is paramount to our success as a tire retailer.

We have been able to look at service and sales data by using the system, which will help us in our forecasting and decision making."

  • Jeff Kruse, Vice President
  • Belle Tire Distributors, Inc.

"I have been doing tire sensors for over 20 years, the Tiremetrix TPMS Manager is an extremely helpful program, and I find the information they have to be the best in the market related to TPMS parts. I would recommend this product to any shop that deals with TPMS, whether you stock them or just order as need be."

  • Al’s Hubcaps, NY

"We use TPMS Manager every day. Having it integrated with our Andreoli point-of-sale enables us to serve our customers faster since vehicle information is automatically passed to TPMS Manager."

  • Terry Swisher
  • Peoria Plaza Tire, IL

"TPMS manager has been a real asset for Maynard & Lesieur. It has allowed more people here to access which sensor is appropriate for the vehicle and how to reset the vehicle’s TPMS system which has freed me up from having to do it all. The easy use of your website has been the best investment we have made to provide us with all the information we need for today’s vehicles."

  • Bob LaRoche
  • Maynard & Lesieur Tire Company

"We use TPMS Manager every day. It helps me keep my scan tool in the shop. It’s the best thing out there!"

  • Brian
  • Brian's Tire, South Carolina